Name that Album!

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Name That Album!
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Welcome to Name That Album!

TO JOIN: Do NOT click 'join.' Just add me to your friends list and you're ready to go!

1. I post an album cover missing its title and band. You guess the artist AND cd title for your guess to be counted.
2. One guess per person per album.
3. One album is posted each day and you have 24 hours to guess.
4. Each series has 10 games (albums) so whoever has the most points at the end of 10 games wins that series
5. Once in a while, I'll post a bonus game that's worth at least 5 points. It will be a tough to recognize album and you can answer it until the end of the series.
6. All answers are screened until that game is over, then the answers are unscreened.
7. Promote! Not required, but y'know - the more, the merrier! (sharing is caring!..)
8. Any problems or questions or comments or general crap? email me! The Worry Rock.

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